Health Precautions


Our first concern is your child’s safety – robots and coding are fun but health is first! We will be taking the following precautions to ensure your child is safe:

  1. Students will be spaced apart in the computer labs
  2. Students will be assigned a computer which only they will use for the week of the class. They will be instructed on how to wipe the computer down at the end of the day for safety purposes
  3. Enough robotics and Piper computer kits have been purchased to ensure each student works individually on their own robot or computer
  4. Lunches will be individually wrapped and students will be encouraged to keep the correct social distance depending on the instructions at that time


If the classes cannot be held due to new state restrictions your registration fee will be refunded as follows:

  1. full refund if no classes have been held
  2. pro-rated refund based on number of classes held